Listen to the Sounds of the Pineal Tones (Scroll Down to LISTEN to samples):

  • Maui 3 CD Set and Special Art DVD available read more – Shipping NOW  NOTE: The DVDs are formatted in NTSC which is playable in other countries as long as your DVD player is “universal” – from what we have read, most DVD players are now universal.

  • Mt. Shasta Celebration Choir: Rosetta Tones DVD
  • Special 2-hour MP3 Seminar “Singing the Song of the Cells” – scroll down for more…

  • Electronic Downloads available for the 2012 Lemurian (Maui) Choir

Click HERE to ORDER THE 2014 MT. SHASTA CELEBRATION CHOIR DVD2014-choir-image07 2014-choir-image08


Downloadable version of Mt. Shasta DVD available CLICK HERE


Maui Lemurian Reunion Choir

3 CD Set: Maui Lemurian Reunion

Maui Choir ArtVideo DVD

Maui Choir ArtVideo DVD

Dr. Todd’s Singing the Song of the Cells 2-Hour Webinar $22  Order HERE

Dr Todd: Singing the Song of Your Cells

One of the most profound experiences you can have is the realization that your cells sing a wondrous angelic chorale symphony. Hearing, attuning to, and singing along with the song of your cells can bring you healing, balance and awareness expansion. The 30 second clip you hear is the intro music for the webinar.  (Please note the 30 second preview is the intro music).

In this two-hour intensive seminar, for the first time Dr. Todd goes deeply into the nature and power of sound. Hosted by vibrant healer and hostess Lauren Galey, they review the landscape of the scientific and esoteric traditions of sound.
In this program you will learn or experience:

• The physics of sound vibrations
• How sound vibrations influence matter and awareness
• Powerful esoteric traditions of the use of sound
• Examples of tonal patterns that equal or exceed the “Mozart Effect”
• Guided meditation to feel and vibrate with the “song of your cells”

One of the most profound experiences you can have is the realization that your cells sing a wondrous angelic chorale symphony. Hearing, attuning to, and singing along with the song of your cells can bring you healing, balance and awareness expansion at the highest level.

This seminar is a wonderful introduction to learning the next level of toning with Dr Todd called the Pineal Toning Technique.


The Lemurian Choir: Ancient Sounds for the Future

M.O.R.E.  House of Lemuria on CD Baby

House of Lemuria is a project from the fellowship of m.o.r.e. under the musical direction of Darrell Laham. Darrell has worked with Dr Todd  and his development of The Lemurian Choir and the Pineal Tones for several years. Taking recordings he produced for Dr Todd, especially those from The Lemurian Reunion, Darrell and m.o.r.e. created a truly unique listening and learning experience. Kryon and Dr. Todd followers will hear beloved messages and tones in a whole new way, integrated into songs of sacred frequency and movement.

Samples of Kryon, Dr. Todd, and The Lemurian Choir feed the musical alchemy for a genre-bending sonic celebration. We offer an album of uplifting messages, full spectrum sacred tones & frequencies, dance beats and embodied grace. Turn the Key! So it is!

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70 thoughts on “LISTEN HERE

    • i would like to know if the Singing of the Cells is all instrumental music. if not cannot do a guided meditiation because it is to distracting. I would like to just hear the music.

      • HI Bonnie, Good question. The music you hear in the sample is just for the introduction. The download you are referring to is actually a seminar with Dr Todd about finding and singing the song of your cells.

  1. I was not able to attend in Hawaii and I have been hoping for this opportunity to hear the Lemurian Tones. Thank you for this. I am so excited to be able to hear that special event!

    • Wouldn’t it be nice to have the Compassion Choir streamed around the world either by audio or video? Something Kryon said brought on this thought…….

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m sure it was a ‘once in a lifetime’ event for many who attended. Let the key turn in the lock!

  3. I’ve heard some of these before . At first I used to think someone around was playing them until I realised I was the only one who could hear them .They came from inside I think ….but much clearer and in amazingingly sweet voices compared to this recording.I thought it was angels singing or something.

    Thank you for explaining what they are. I always knew somehow they were Hawaian , though I’ve never been there and never heard any Hawaian music either.

    I love you as much as you love me Kryon . I went into samadhi for half the day after hearing them.


  4. For some reason, it isnt allowing me to listen… when I press the play icon, three circles just circle around it, but the time meter reads 00:00 — any suggestions???

    Thank you ^i^

  5. Hi

    Have been following Kryon and your work for a while now and am thrilled with your Pineal Tones…I have also been to Hawaii twice now and am totally in love with the Big Island and the last time I was there (2006) I came down from Mauna Kea quite “changed”, in the sort of way you know something has gone on but you can’t quite put it into words…

    I have been a choir facilitator for about 5 years and my choir sings African, Hebrew and multiple languages including English..I have been experimenting with toning with my choir and have listened to your tones and had a bash at one or two and I would like to know what would be best to order from you with the view to teach the tones to my choir as part of their weekly ‘warm up’…I have found toning is great for them…their brains seem to work better!!

    I am guessing the 3 CD set but want to make sure before I do that the instrumental element of the flute, didge etc will not be obscuring my hearing of the tones for my own learning purposes…or would it be best to wait for the digital download that looks like it is coming to the site soon? Hope you can guide me well on this…thanks

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