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  1. “Those who act in their own reality with impeccable guidance, commitment to harmony, and commitment to light align themselves with their dimensional counterparts who are doing the same. You make bridges of light and hold light-encoded filaments as pillars and open portals. Those who are rewarded with the understanding that they are called to use sound as part of their work and who recognize that call and respond to it will evolve at a rapid pace. Those of you evolving at this rate will be called one day to represent many people, to represent world gatherings of consciousness, and to change the available frequency with your sound.” — Barbara Marciniak, ‘Bringers of the Dawn’ (1992), page 197

  2. I am enjoying your seminar so much. During the last part of the Dr. Todd interview, when you played the recorded ‘\Pineal Tones, there was a moment when the tones reminded me of music from the Close Encounters of the Third Kind. In the movie, they were having a conversation with the visitors through music very similar in some ways to the Pineal Tones. Wow! I always felt that the creators of that film and some others about aliens, had so much truth in it. Thank you both for all your work and dedication. Vickie Stringham

  3. I am very grateful for this beautiful gift for humanity, I’m really excited to receive this tones and experience their profound changes once again!! many blessings of light

  4. Dear Dr. Todd, I am VERY grateful for what you share.
    I cared some years for people who had and stil have HIV and it’s very powerful how you connect with that which resonates in your life.
    Thank you for sharing “The Pineal Tones” with us.
    Love and peace

    • HI Virgina, we sent an email out last night to those that requested the gift tone. If you have not received it you may now find the link on this page. Many of the emails that were given bounced back to us so there are several others that probably have the same question.

      • Hi Everyone! I have an automatic form up to get the Manifest Your Mission Tone – you can get the link right away! Thanks everyone for your understanding. If you signed up earlier with the other form and didn’t get an email with instructions… go ahead and re-enter your email address and try again. I did get quite a few bounce-back emails which probably had typos… 😉

  5. I very much injoy listening to Dr. Todd speak….he take very complex ideas & put them into an easy to understand format….Blessing to you for that gift!!!

  6. I loved hearing Dr. Todd and what he had to say. I especially loved hearing the Pineal tones. I would have dearly loved to have been in the choir !

  7. I have been thrilled by the opportunity to be introduced to the pineal tones techniques as presented by Dr. Ovokaitys. Thank you soo much for this service to everyone who is interested. While these are wonderful out-of-the-world experiences, the challenge remains how do we integrate these blessings into our 3D experiences where we still have to pay rents and bills…

  8. Dear all. Is there an long waiting time for this mail? I have sign up three times and waiting for days without receiving any mail. Is this normal?

    • Hi Stig,
      Yes I have gotten all three of your requests. We don’t have this 100 percent automated at this time. We should be getting an email out to you in the next day or so with a link for downloading the Manifest Your Mission tone. Thanks for your patience 😉

  9. I just attended the Compassionate Choir in Cancun and had a great time singing the tones with Dr. Todd. Someone mentioned there was an mp3 of pineal tones we could purchased called ‘Songs of the Soul.’ I have looked everywhere for this download as it is described as being very personalized and will help one discover their personal soul sound. It is a two hour long mp3 and sells for $22. Does anyone know where I can locate the link to purchasing this download made by Dr. Todd?
    I cannot wait to hear the recording of the performance in Cancun.
    Love to all!

    • Hi Joan,

      So glad you had a great time! We did too.
      Thanks for your question. The MP3 download was a teleconference called “Singing the Song of the Cells.” All of the music and downloads will be posted under the LISTEN HERE tab at http://www.pinealtones.com. We are hoping to make the Compassion Choir available very soon by download. Realistically, it will probably be early in 2014. We will of course email participants of the Compassion choir and our email list directly once anything new becomes available. Make sure you have our domain name in your approved list @pinealtones.com and @brcmagic.com so that you don’t miss anything!

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