Distance Learning Qualification

For those that don’t have a nearby Workshop to learn Pineal ToningTM  —  we are offering streaming and electronic download of materials that will enable you to study the tones and practice to qualify for the upcoming 2016 Crystalline Choir –  or for your own enjoyment.

This Distance Learning Pineal TonesTM program will take you from the beginning levels of learning Pineal ToneTM Levels 1-29 to the ability understand and participate in sounding the Tone Pairs in a group. The fee for the online seminar is $150 ($250 value). 

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The qualifying distance learning program will include but may not be limited to the following materials for download:
  • A 4 hour recorded webinar with Dr Todd from 2015 with slides and rehearsal of Pineal Tone levels 1-29
  • PDF materials of the printed tones and tone pairs
  • Instructions on how to approach learning the tones and tone pairs.
  • Practice audio of tones 1-29
  • Practice audio of the Pineal Tone Pairs which will be a good foundation for the upcoming Choirs. Those registered for the larger Choir Events (such as Arkansas will receive specific tone pair recordings to practice).
Details of the Distance Learning Qualification:
  • You will be able to complete the program in your own time. If you are wanting to use the online course to qualify to participate in a Choir Event – you only need to register and download the materials two weeks before a Choir Event and complete the course 1 week prior.
  • Only those that have registered and downloaded the files will qualify for the upcoming Choir Events in 2016 and 2017.

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13 thoughts on “Distance Learning Qualification

  1. I would appreciate your making these materials available to those of us attending the Mt. Shasta Rehearsal this year (2013), or another of the pre-Cancun rehearsals/and/or participants from MAUI! Possible?? Thanks so much and LOVE from Marilyn & Frans Baars

        • Yes we are still planning to have our distance learning course available for those wishing to go to other choirs. At this time we ask that the course be completed at least a week prior to the choir event. We are going to be posting our events soon so if you find we are near you — you may choose to attend in person!

    • Hi Janet, That is a great idea – I am going to discuss it with the team to see if there is a way we can work that out 😉 There’s a lot going on right now – so it may take a little time to figure out the logistics, etc…Let’s see what we can come up with 😉

  2. Greetings from Buenos Aires and congratulations for such a great job. I have attended to the 1-24 Pineal Tones rehearsal in Buenos Aires July 2012 (it was my third time, as I attended to Gematria seminars in Chile and Buenos Aires). As Dr Todd encouraged us to do, I practice them every day, and from September 2012 to February 2013 not alone but with a few little groups of my students, we chant them toghether many times, the December 21, 2012 included. I wonder if I need to attend to another rehearsal (distance learning) or if you can facilitate to download something new, to better the performance of what I already practice. I don’t know if I can make the Cancun Rehersal (will you have spanish translation there? ) because I want to know more of the practice of pairs of tones and their intentions and if we can keep repeting the pairs as you did at Maui, or if are you searching new ways of connecting the 24 tones, in different pairs of tones as Kryon said.
    We know that Peggy Phoenix Dubro is working now with Dr Todd, in developing a new confluence between her energy work and Dr Todd’s tones, I hope I will attend to that seminar in November 2013 at Buenos Aires, Argentina. Will Dr Todd come to Argentina this year? My regards, Mónica G. Califano

    • Hello Monica!

      It’s wonderful to hear how you are using and practicing the Pineal Tones. You are certainly welcome to attend another rehearsal there are many happening in your region of the world this Summer and it looks very possible that Dr. Todd will come to Argentina in the latter part of the 2013 with Lee Carroll. Watch for the schedule to be posted soon!

      Yes, we will have Spanish translation in Cancun. Depending on the need for it we will also have Portuguese and Russian. On the registration form for the Compassion Choir there is a question regarding need for translation. Our seminars are bilingual when we are in a non-English speaking country.

      Please continue feel free to continue practicing the Lemurian tone pairs from Maui they hold a very powerful message that is still important to feel and share. We are hoping to have an updated practice recording of the new Compassion choir quantum signal available later in year for those that are attending the Compassion Choir. We are working on the CD set for the Maui Choir as I write this note and hope to have that available soon – in our Summer 2013.

      Peggy’s new work incorporating the tones is exciting! She will also be sharing her new energies and work in Cancun on December 9th (right after the Choir). Look for more information soon! Here is the current schedule page for the events surrounding the Compassion Choir in December – it is under the EVENTS tab. http://wp.me/P34u3B-6a

  3. Hello Mary, I’ve attended the Compassion Choir rehearsal in Milan last 16th and 17th November. It has been a great experience and a wonderful gift. I sing tones every day. Todd said that we’ll receive via e-mail the materials about the tones, I don’t know if that’s the same material included in the distance learning pack. I want to start sharing tones with some friends of mine and sing together. For this reason I think it could be useful to have also the distance learning materials. Does this make sense?
    Last question: It is possible to receive/download the tones that Todd gave to Peggy for The waves?
    I attended Peggy’s Waves seminar last Sept in Italy, I’ve the videos with tones chanting, but the quality of the sound is not very good and I’m not sure about toning when I do my waves.
    Many thanks.

    • Hi Daniela, there is considerable overlap in the Distance Learning Course and the information that is sent to people that have attended the course. We have new video information that we are planning add to the Distance Learning Course in the beginning of 2014.

      So glad to hear that you have been enjoying your experience with the tones and the WAVES. I know that Peggy is planning to create new materials for the WAVES soon and that she and Dr Todd are continuing to collaborate on the materials. If you haven’t already, check with Peggy Phoenix Dubro about the Waves tone questions (there is a contact link at the bottom of the EMF webpage). https://www.facebook.com/thewavespage http://www.emfworldwidestore.com/emfworldwide/en/peggy-phoenix-dubro/the-waves

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