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Periodically we like to communicate directly with people interested in staying in touch with Pineal Tones and Biological Decoding activities or those wishing to learn more. We have an archive of past newsletters for your reading pleasure.

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11 thoughts on “Pineal Tones Newsletter

  1. I participated in the Lemurian choir in Maui, Dec. 2012 and am very interested in receiving the newsletters for other Pineal tone activities. I am practicing the 24 Pineal Tones regularly and am finding them very powerful and healing. I am also learning much more about the “The Healing Power of Sound” which expands the toning and sound practices.

    I am also interested in receiving the information about the “Compassion Choir” to be held in Cancun, Mexico.

    Thank you!!

    Blessings and Peace

    • Hello Anke! Thanks for your interest in the Compassion Choir and you comments about healing sound. Sound is a very powerful healing and balancing modality. Did you get your special message to people that attended the 2012 Lemurian Choir from Dr. Todd last week in your email? If not, please contact to make sure we have your correct email so you can receive the special offer and gift that Dr. Todd provided.

  2. I am sorry I was unable to attend the 12/12/2012 event. I was caring for my 97 year old Mother & could not leave her. I hope to be able to be @ this next gathering. I know that sound is very important. I a Karuna Reiki Master & use those sounds in conjunction w/ Tibetan Healing Bowls, Tingshaws, The Bell & The Dorje in my healing & meditation work. Also, I have sung all of my life. As a small child, I could just sit up (under a year old) & was happiest when placed in front of the record player/radio where I would rock & “sing”. I am 65 years old. I was singing in a “cherub choir” @ age 5. Music was my life. About 5 years ago I lost my hearing & had to learn to sing again with my double hearing aides in place.

  3. Ever since of my first Life Code Seminar with dr. Todd in 2006 in Salzburg, I have been toning regularly. Toning has helped me a lot to get back to the tools we all have inside. My personal vibration has been raised by each session. I have become a passionate toner of whales. I combine very successfully Pineal Tones, DNA Toning with metal- and chrystal bowls. I offer this vibrational experience once a week in Salzburg in a toning Group. Anybody from this part of our wonderful earth being interested in joining and having fun is welcome!

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  5. I was in Maui in December as one of the choir participants. I am SO sorry to find that I have been missing out on the email information about the Lemurian Choir activities!! I have been having issues with my Internet Service Provider, but it NEVER occurred to me that I was also missing out on this information which I have been waiting for so patiently! I am filling in my details below, but I am very well be sending you some changed contact information soon…. Joanna Rentsch

  6. October 2008, it was my last seminar with Dr. Todd in Würzburg Germany with Pineal Toning until Level 11 and informations about Gematria products. (I’m in contact with Gematria since 2002) The Pineal Toning was great with different sensations in my body. But unfortunately it was the last event in Germany. Now I am waiting that one day Dr. Todd comes back to Germany for the whole compassion choir. My problem isn’t to go to Hawaii or Cancun. (2009, I was in Hawaii with Kryon and Lee Carroll and a German group – Lemuria coming home.) My problem is to speak and to understand enough the english language. Ok I hope…….. perhaps in Hamburg???? Or internet – learning with german translation????? Joined in my heart and in my mind Meggi Horbert

    • Hi Meggi, Thank you for your lovely note! If we were to have 10 people from Germany in need of translation we would provide a translator in Cancun;-) I am sure Dr. Todd will be back to Germany hopefully with Silvia – she is such a fantastic translator. I haven’t been in such a long time – I hope she is still translating. We are looking into getting the online learning translated into a few languages – I’m not sure it will happen in time for Cancun this year – although we are certainly moving into the quantum. In Israel last year, Tamar gathered a group together for the online seminar and provided translation for her group there. That worked nicely.

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